Updated proposals for North Lincolnshire Green Energy Park revealed

Updated proposals for the North Lincolnshire Green Energy Park, planned to be located on the Flixborough Industrial Estate, will be open for public consultation from 14 June to 25 July 2021.

The proposals for the energy park, announced last year by Solar 21, are designed to recover energy from waste while using as many of the by-products from the process as possible. It will be the first energy recovery facility in the UK to use carbon capture, storage and utilisation technology and will also include a plastic recycling facility and hydrogen, heat and battery storage. Low-carbon energy would be supplied to local homes and businesses through a district network.

The plans have been refined significantly since an initial round of consultation in 2020, taking into account public feedback. They now also include a visitor centre for local schools and colleges, improved links for pedestrians and cyclists and the creation of a new wetland landscape for local people to enjoy.

Due to the amount of energy that the North Lincolnshire Green Energy Park would generate, the project is classified as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project. This means it will need to obtain planning consent from the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. The consultation is taking place in line with requirements set by the Planning Act 2008 for projects of this type.

Local residents can find out more by viewing a virtual exhibition online, taking part in online Q&As or booking an appointment to speak directly with the project team. These will be by telephone, or in-person if COVID 19 rules allow. All consultation documents will be available to view at locations in the community and online at www.northlincolnshiregreenenergypark.co.uk.

Colin Hammond, Project Director for North Lincolnshire Green Energy Park, said:

“As a country, we need to transform the way we heat our homes, power our industries and travel around, to meet the challenges of climate change. At the North Lincolnshire Green Energy Park, we will use a truly innovative set of technologies to help meet all of these challenges while fulfilling a vital public service and furthering the UK’s green revolution.

“We expect our plans to prevent 760,000 tonnes of waste going to landfill and to generate enough low-carbon energy for three times the number of homes in North Lincolnshire every year, as well as to create 300 jobs. We will also leave the area around the project site a better place for local people to walk and cycle around.

“We look forward to revealing more about our proposals and discussing them with the local community.” For more information, please see: www.northlincolnshiregreenenergypark.co.uk.


For further information, please contact:

Douglas Johnson


Mob: 07920 802 790

Joshua Bell


Mob: 07469 159 489

Note to editors:

About Solar 21

Solar 21 sources, develops, and manages green energy projects across a range of technologies including solar, biomass, biogas and energy recovery.

Its UK portfolio currently includes an operational 23 megawatt biomass plant which generates energy from up to 150,000 tonnes per annum of waste wood that would otherwise go to landfill, and a 2 megawatt biogas plant which will produce energy from up to 80,000 tonnes of potato pulp and vegetable waste each year.

Under construction are a 26 megawatt energy recovery facility which has planning consent to turn 250,000 tonnes of refuse derived fuel, which would normally go to landfill or export, into energy, and a biogas plant located on the same site.

The sites, which are all located in East Midlands or the East Riding of Yorkshire, employ 150 local people. In the region, Solar 21 has invested £260m in assets valued at £750m.